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View Grata's private company intelligence data for a company while browsing the internet.
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About the Chrome Extension

Additional Functionality

⭕Does the Chrome extension work on social networks, e.g., LinkedIn?

⭕What are those badges?

Why Use the Chrome Extension?

Grata recognizes that sometimes you want company intelligence data available at your fingertips for a company's website that you are looking at right now.

Instead of heading over to the Grata platform and searching for company data there, you can use our Chrome extension to quickly pull up their Grata profile. From here, you'll have access to all of the details that would be available in-app, like:

  • Employee Count

  • Ownership

  • Funding Stage

  • Executive Contact Details

What Can I Do with the Chrome Extension?

Your workflow doesn't have to stop there.

  • You can add, sync or download relevant contacts.

  • Add this company to any lists you're currently building in Grata.

  • View similar companies that you might want to investigate.

  • Open this company's profile in Grata by selecting View in Grata.

  • And finally, sync this company to your CRM.

Download & Activate

Download the Chrome Extension

Activate the Chrome Extension

To activate the extension simply click on the Grata Icon in the extension bar. The Grata logo will then appear in the corner of your screen. You can then drag and place it in any corner of your Chrome window that is best for you.

Customize Screen Placement

Keyboard Shortcut / Hotkey Function

  1. Open the Shortcuts Extension (chrome://extensions/shortcuts) page in Chrome

  2. Select Edit

  3. Type in a shortcut selection of your choice (e.g., CMD + A)

Sticky Panel Mode

  1. Open the Grata Chrome extension

  2. Select Reposition Extension

  3. Choose where you'd like the company profile to open up on your page (we recommend the right side).


1. Does the Chrome extension work on social networks, e.g., LinkedIn?

Yes! The Chrome extension now works with social networks, providing a Grata company profile for that specific company, instead of the social media site's profile.

2. What are those badges?

You may have noticed our new badge icon. Badges are a unique way to track your Chrome Extension usage. Each badge category is described below. Move to a higher badge level as you accomplish each goal. Reach diamond for all 3 badge categories and you'll receive a special gift!


Open a company's profile using Grata for Chrome.


Add a company to a list, using Grata for Chrome.


Request a company we've missed, using Grata for Chrome.

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